LK CMM Retrofit

LK CMM DCC and Manual CMM Retrofits

List of LK CMM Retrofit
LK CMM Calibration, LK CMM AMC, LK CMM Service, LK CMM Relocation, LK CMM Reconditioning, LK CMM Software Upgrade, LK CMM Software Change, LK CMM Hardware, LK CMM Repair, LK CMM Relocation.

Advantages of CMM Retrofit

  • Increased measurement capability, greater software functionality & usability
  • Faster throughput
  • Automation & lower operating costs
  • Fully supported, open CMM controller technology
  • Future-proof investment
  • Low risk of change

LK G90 C DCC CMM Retrofited with replacement of below items.
Controller : Renishaw UCC, Joystick : MUC Lite, Software : CMM Manager form Nikon Metrology

Most CMM structures are not subject to high levels of wear and remain serviceable for many years. Software, Electronic Control Systems and Touch Probe Systems can become outdated as new, faster and more capable ones are introduced.