CMM Inspection Service in Chennai

CMM contract inspection services

Haviss 3D Metrology offers a complete line of CMM first article contract inspection services, including inspection and certification of production tooling, gaging and fixtures. With a wealth of standards at our disposal, Haviss 3D Metrology is capable of performing part & fixture measurements of all types, complexities, accuracies and resolutions. Our DCC coordinate measuring machine is equipped with CMM Manager software and Renishaw Probe head.First article inspection services include capability studies .Layout Inspection.

CMM Range : X axis 700mm,Y axis 1000mm & Z axis 600mm
Accuracy : 2.5+L/200 micrometer
A certificate of calibration/inspection is provided for every part/fixture calibrated along with pass/fail criteria and pass/fail analysis. Calibration attributes & tolerances are permanently stored in our Computer

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