CMM Retrofit in India

DCC and Manual CMM Retrofits

DCC and Manual CMM Retrofits

Reasons why your CMM requires a full Retrofit

Most CMMs manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s are well made, sturdy machines. These machines have outdated hardware and software. Retrofitting these CMMs with new hardware and software will restore them to state-of-the-art-equipment. It will increase productivity, extend the life of the CMM and in most cases increase the CMMs accuracy with new non-linear accuracy and compensation.

  • Drive ,Controller and electronic parts become obsolete
  • Scales & reader head may become damaged or obsolete
  • Require compatibility with other Metrology Equipment
CMM retrofit will include replacement of all or some of the following components:
  • New latest generation CMM controller.
  • New axis scales and reader heads
  • New probe heads and Probe
  • Latest generation metrology software
  • New Computer System
  • The Benefits of Retrofitting your CMM

There are many cost benefits and efficiency benefits of retrofitting your existing CMM. These include faster throughput, Increased Measurement Capability, Greater software functionality and usability, and added Automation.


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